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Boracay, Philippines!

It's summer time here in the Philippines. Most of us are now thinking of beautiful beaches, blue seas, clean air and perhaps a vibrant nightlife all combine to provide a great holiday experience.

Boracay is my summer dream destination. For sun worshippers, the soft white sands and the near deserted coves all around is a delightful treat. There are a number of spas on the island, where you can revive your mind and body after long weeks at work.

Boracay at day time

At dusk

Artistic sand castle

This small island has everything you need, you can shop at many souvenir shops and the markets are laden with fresh sea foods such as lobsters, fish, crabs and shrimps!
You can enjoy bliss in Boracay Island without really making holes in your pocket. Accomodations ranges from expensive resort hotels to affordable but elegant cottages and vacation houses.

See more photos here.

Recently Google updated their Adsense Terms and Conditions, when you log in to your Adsense account you have to agree to a new TOS before you can access your account. It seems that sites serving Adsense must post a Privacy Policy notification.

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If you serve adsense in your blog(s), have you made your "privacy policy"? In case you haven't read Google's full privacy policy, check it out here. I am posting my policy in the footer section, you can copy it but change some info pertaining to this site to suit your own site. Thanks to for sharing this policy with other bloggers.

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