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I came upon this site called BackLinkSite which promises an increase in our website or blog's traffic.
What to do?
Nothing major of a sort, you will just link their site to any page of your website, click it and pronto! your link will go to their top list automatically. Why do you have to click? That is just to make sure your backlink does go to BackLinkSite homepage.

Why is backlinks important?
The number of backlinks or incoming links to a webpage is an indication of popularity or importance of such a page. Google PageRank algorithm uses backlinks to help determine a site's ranks.

How it works?
This site works by recording the referrer document from an incoming link. That means any site that links to them automatically gets a link back from this site.

When a site is first recorded, it moves to the top of the recent activity list, and is inserted in the proper order for the alpha and cronological pages. For the 'popularity' page, each outgoing click is recorded as a vote, and for the 'best friends' list, each incoming click is counted as a vote.

Back-links are generated instantly the very first time a request comes in from your page. The system then inserts your link in an 'honesty' que for periodic verification that a link to is in place on your site.

More so, it said that we one is looking for maximum search engine exposure or want to get top listed in Google and Yahoo search results, they can make that happened for you, but of course with a fee.

Right now, they got more than 10,000 websites listed alphabeticaly. So, if you wanna improve your website's traffic, join in, there is nothing to lose but all to gain. =)

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Blogcatalog My Neighborhood Campaign

I received a strange email today, it said:

Complements of the day,

I Mrs. Rose Christiana Grand; form Canadian Hotel, we have be notified of your interest to work and stay in Canada, and we will be needing your service to get six to twenty more people including your self, who will also be ready to work at hotel, I will help to bring you people here In Canada hotel as tourists.

With the new Immigration law here in Canada , the Government controls the numbers of immigrant coming into Canada and there purpose of coming, these are reasons why I shall be securing you a group tourists visa , If you will accept to work with me at hotel Canada.

We will also help to process all your documents through the Ottawa immigration bureau Canada, that you are visiting Canada as tourists, and with the assistant of our attorney, the chief immigration officer will sent to you all the necessary document that you all will need to obtain a visa immediately at Canada embassy in your country without any question. So that you can come over here and start your job
Thanks from hotels staff of Canadian hotels

Manager of Canadian Hotels,
Mrs. Rose. C. Grand



After reading the mail, i Googled for Omni Hotel and yeah this fine hotel really exist but there are lots of pages in the google results which discussed this particular email as another Nigerian scam. I also checked the official Omni Hotel website and there is no such advertisement.

It's sad to think some people from poor and developing countries like most of Asia and Africa could fall into this scheme in hope of better income working in Canada. Imagine, you don't have to pay anything to work abroad and further more when you got an offer you have no idea how they came to reach your inbox. Please be careful, if you receive an email of this sort just delete it specially if you feel it's too good to be true.

Before anything else, thanks to those who visited my site while i was away. I was surprised to see an increase in my alexa rankings from 2.8M last week to 1.49M today. Link exchanges and promotion of my site in traffic generating sites proved to be very useful!

Last night, when i got back online i got so busy (as usual) with my many online money generating sites. I decided to upgrade my Clixsense account. I've been into this site for 2 months now and i usually get an average of 2-4 ads per day for 0.01 - 0.04cents each as a basic member. It cost $10/year to upgrade into premium membership. I have heard of so many good things about this site from upgraded members and i am positive that this advertising company pays it users.

To those who do not know about Clixsense yet, you can earn from 0.01cents up to $5.00 just by visiting advertisers website, now isn't that better than Adbux? It got more than 8million page views in the last 30days. Minimum payout is $10 payable thru check. My upgraded membership was activated immediately last night and when i click the "get paid to browse section" i was so thrilled to see almost 200 ads available for me to click - that was surely a lot and because of that i was able to sleep at 3am. But that was okay, I earned so much from last night - as much as i earned in my 2 months as a free member. I am so happy with my decision that i need to share it with you.(",)

If you have a Clixsense account already, do upgrade your account, you will never be sorry. I think if the number sites available for me to click will be like this everyday, I will get back my $10 premium membership fee in just 3 days and when i get my check it would be more than $10 - there is certainly no limit to what we can earn from this great site. Plus, if you have referrals and they upgrade their membership $5 incentive will go directly to your account as their upline. (",)

Join now for free, let's help each other make money online and expect monthly paychecks to come.

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Earnings Update 2

After exactly 6 months and 2 days since i registered, I received the email today that the agloco viewbar is ready to download (at last, its about time!). Honestly, i came to a point where, like Kumiko, (who i think is the biggest critic of agloco.ü ), i already thought this project will never be launched in the market because it took them forever to complete the viewbar software. Anyways, i am glad that finally it's out and ready to use.

I successfully downloaded it on the second try, at first i cannot get into the agloco website, maybe because thousands of members are downloading it at the same time. The website is sure swarming with traffic at this time around. I ran it earlier for a short time, there were no ads on it at the moment, i just surf around 5 sites but I hope i get paid for it still!

Here's a screen shot of the Agloco viewbar while i was reading John Chow dot com.

I waited for 6 months for the viewbar, i hope i won't wait a year to get paid. Well, i am now hoping for the best. It's time to make money online with Agloco! Join my network.


My 8 random facts

Here is another chance to widen and increase your link exchange. I got tagged again, this time by Pieter. This new tag game has new rules that would make other bloggers know more about you instead of just writing down link exchanges.

The Rules:
>Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
>>Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
>>>Players should tag eight other people and notify them that they have been tagged.

8 little things about me

1. I have tried eating "exotic" foods like snakes and frogs from the rice fields - both tastes better than chicken!.
2. I got drowned in the swimming pool and in beaches 5 times in my entire life.
3. I don't know how to drive since i don't own a car.
4. I have this mannerism of poking my ears with cottonbuds just to make me sleep.ü
5. I love to cook - and i am good at it.
6. I do not know how to play any musical instrument.
7. I like pasta.
8. I like to go on nature trips.

I want to tag new people,those that i think i have not tagged before, and they are

naren of myblogloggers
genesis of free affiliate marketing
augel of bloggista
DiamondVVV1 of my boots and me
kopitozie of high touch in high tech
decarn of my blog log
borzacks of healthy lifestyle
sasha of sasha-says

The new Firefox was released last May 30 and is now available for download. I have already updated mine today. The latest version has fixed some security issues they encountered with the previous versions of Firefox. More enhancement and support for Windows Vista are included.

You can personalize your browser with new themes and useful add-ons to make your internet access more productive like StumbleUpon toolbar which you can download here and bookmark among others.

As they promised, Firefox continues to lead the way in online security to make its users safer from online scams.

Make Firefox your own!

Increase your page rank

To all bloggers who wants to have higher page rank, here is another link train you should not miss! This one is initiated by Andy Coates. Why should you participate? Well, he said that if you take part in this activity "you will surely get lots of backlinks".. isn't that great?
So here, presenting to you Viralink!..(hmmm, doesn't that sound like a virus - when it gets into the system, it can not be stopped from multiplying. Now, i can only imagine lots of link ups! =)

=========Copy and paste instructions below this line=========
Below is a matrix of 120 stars, I have already added a link to my blog onto one of the stars, all you need to do is copy and paste the grid into your blog and add your own link to one of the other spare stars, and tell others to do the same!



====================end copying here=================

Let's link up and help each other one step up the page rank ladder.

New Addition: When I receive a ping back once you have added the Viralink to your site I will add your link to this grid, and each person who copies the grid from here will also link to your site!

Update: A Copywriter's Blues and NEWS and RIFLESSIONI links has been added in my viral link (check out the purple stars!)- 06/23/07

Monetize your videos

I got this info from Cyberca$hology who got this blog idea from Woody Maxim's Blog. The link to the post: How to make affiliate commissions with other people’s videos

You can either find a video someone else has created and add your affiliate link or add your own video to you tube, then add a link to your sales page. It is that simple and easy to do.

Here’s a video example

If you want to do this yourself, here’s a link the free service: BubblyPly

Are you an anime or asian drama series fanatic? Did you miss lots of breathtaking episodes of your fave asian shows on tv ? I used to watch my favorite anime clips at YouTube but now i am so happy to find Crunchyroll.

I watch the Korean romantic
drama series Which Star Are You From first at crunchyroll before it hit our local channel this May 28.

At crunchyroll, you can watch video clips of your favorite music, anime, drama, game shows in full episodes. Yes, in full episodes unlike in YouTube. Plus, it got higher video quality and faster streaming to boot. The owner of the site is shinji, a sophomore college student who made the site just to make it easier for him and his friends to share their video collections. He never actually thought his site would eventually have thousands of members. Crunchyroll may not have all the videos but for sure it has a lot. You have to sign up to view, don't worry its absolutely FREE.

mamerts: this the way to break the buko shell?

Look ma! i lost 10lbs working on the coconuts yipeee!

edgy: 1..2..3..4.. wow! im the fastest of them all

yulo: i can't wait to make buko salad anymore...i have to eat now! yumm yummm

on the way to the waterfalls we rode a motorcycle for 6kms going up the bumpy rode

have to cross the swinging hanging bridge and walk another 1km get here

feeling so cool...just like the place

pose here ...pose there

hi friends! i'm glad to be back home. I was not able to post these past few days since i went out of town as a celebration of my 26th birthday. Take a glimpse of this wonderful small white island just 30minutes boat ride across my uncle's beach house. Feel the summer heat and the cool and refreshing feel of crystal clear waters.Do you know it doesn't cost a thing to enjoy this island? It's FREE for everyone! Fortunately, on this day, we had the island all to ourselves =) If you travel to the Philippines, i will take you here. The scenery is breathtaking! Plus there are hundreds giant clams for you to look at at the sanctuary area. =)

welcome to our beach house!

here we come!!!! ( boat number 1 is first to arrive at the island)

Oppss.. gotta hide in the umbrella i forgot to put sunblock..

mermaids and mermen

hey! whose brief is this???..... woopss! its mine ü

huhuhuh... the water is salty

spot the rose among the thorns

ready.. get set


the hunks in the crystal clear water

the beautifuls

the official loveteam?

the miss universe wannabe

and the day is done...
... more pictures to come.

With all the "train", mass buzz, and link exchanges going around most bloggers  who participated have surely gained increase in traffic. Here is another sort of a link train to get involved with. I was tagged by Tay over SuperBlogging who was tagged by The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under.

Here's the drill....
1. The person who was tagged will just have to make an introduction and link back to who tagged you.
2. List your five reasons as to why you blog.
3. Choose five people and tag them.
4. Drop a comment on their blog to let them know they were tagged. And its done!

I Blog because i .....

>>>>am looking for extra cash - As the title of this blog is self explanatory, 
I made this blog primarily to make money through adsense after i read sites that tells they have made money using adsense on their site. A few hundred dollars are very tempting and nice to have, doesn't it. Hmmm.. I never actually dreamed of becoming a rich kid through this though. I just wanted to have extra dough to buy a laptop and help my sister go through her nursing studies.

>>>>>am looking referrals for my GPT sites - I was new to get-paid-to sites when i started this blog last March,back then i had only Mylot as my primary online money making site and i got no referrals. With this blog, there is a place for me to promote GPT sites which I am a member. Now, my blog has helped me and actually served its purpose- I got referrals to many of my GPT sites and i am happy about it. Although, I do not know who they are, i am thankful, in a way they have helped a lot in my earnings. =)

>>>>Want to connect with other people too.- There are a lot of wonderful people on the blogosphere and its nice to make friends with them. I agree with Tay that blogging is not a solo act, you have to go and link with others to get notice eventually. Establishing a relationship is important, like they say.. the more , the merrier. What would make a blog with no reader or if no ones knows it exist?

>>>>Want to have a page of my own - Its a good thing there are free blog host like blogger since i do not know anything about making websites. On this page, i can write my thoughts, practically anything i want irregardless of what people might say.

>>>>Want to be famous - hahahhaha! It' s free to dream. Someday, who knows, you might want my signature.(Laugh Out Loud!)

Now, let me tag this wonderful blogs  AnitoKidGo Smell the Flowers7Confessions
New2Blog- Blogging for Beginners, and Journey before Death.

Hi friends! I can't believe i slept like a log, i practically just woke up and its almost noon time. Today, May 14 is a very special and somewhat critical day in our country because it is our election day.
Also today marks the most awaited date for my favorite social networking site mass buzz. 1 week ago monawea of my favorite blog directory Blogcatalog have called out to members to post a what she calls a BlogCatalog Community Mass Buzz on May 14th to primarily promote Blogcatalog.

Why BlogCatalog?
Among the social networking sites i joined I feel at home instantly with Blogcatalog.  
There are a lot of  people on this site who are very friendly and helpful - especially to newbie blogggers like me. I actually get most of my traffic from this site- which is awesome!
After i found out about this site, i practically leave Mybloglog which was the first blog directory i joined.

BlogCatalog design is very neat and easy to understand. You can find blogs easily because the directory is categorized by topic, language and country. On the home page you can easily note which blog is recently added or on top of the neighborhood.
User  profile are interactive too, as other users can leave you messages in a shoutbox and rate your blog. You can also add friends and neighboorhood which is great because that practically create a link to other users friends as well, which spelled potential traffic to your site. It also has widget  which you can put to decorate your blog
 - you can check which among the Blogcatalog users viewed your site and how long ago.
There is a recently added feature in the site - the discussion forum which makes the site more interactive. The forum is fun to read and very informative.
At this time check out Derrick Markotter over Online Business Blog for the list of those who participated on the mass buzz so far.

If you have not yet discover the wonderful world of BlogCatalog- what are you waiting for? Join us now, check out my profile page and don't forget to join my neighborhood. 
See you there, and experience what i am talking about =)

After 7 questions.. I got this result.

You Are a Link Blogger!

Your blog is more about cool links than thoughtful posts.
Better to be entertaining and brief than longwinded and boring!

Check out yours =)

Watch TV Online for Free

I love watching Hollywood TV series like Prison Break, CSI, Grey's Anatomy, and Lost but since we do not have cable anymore, I can not watch it the same time it is being air in the US. Our local channel that feature Hollywood TV series air it after the season ended in the States. I missed a lot of episodes before but good thing DVD copies are now available. Can you believe it, you can buy full season on DVD for a little less than $2 here?!
It's really a good thing to visit other blogs, you never know what's in store for you. Like its been 2 days since I found out about great great sites where you can watch your favorite shows online for FREE.
Cucirca listed 13!
My favorite so far is TV-Video, all the latest TV series are in there. I've been watching Lost season 3 earlier this morning. Even if TV-Video videos have been degraded to low-resolution version to avoid violation of copyright holders’ rights, all the videos i've seen from the site are clear, good quality and has a great audio too. No problem on streaming. It's really like watching from TV screen, best of all there are no annoying commercials to break the thrill!
No need to worry about missing an episode of your favorite shows from now on.

I didn't really participated in the Technorati train but still it helped me increased my technorati rankings from 1 million +++  to 405+ thousand.  It was a huge success that bloggers in my fave blog community slash directory - the Blogcatalog are working on its own Blogcatalog link train. I found it from my friend Syaf at SyaftheGeek who found it at Kucau's blog 
Inside My Frontal Lobe
Let's see if this would be as successful as the Technorati train.

***Start Copying Here:***

Here are the rules:

1) Write a short introduction about how you found this list and include a link back to that blog.

2) COPY the rules and ENTIRE list below and post it on your blog.

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Take a break...

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I bet you didn't see that coming, huh! ü

Earnings Update 2

As you noticed, I have not posted in days. I have fallen behind, big time.
I got busy with meeting the deadlines of the research papers my mom is doing as
i am acting as her assistant at the moment. But, I had a few hours today, and I think that I have gotten caught up on reading some interesting blogs and watching
BigBrother videos in Youtube.
But i won't be posting about them today.

I just thought its been a month since i posted my online earnings ,
its about time i give an update even if not much has increased though.

Mylot : $28.60 (+$11.87) - a great site where you get paid to post your opinion
Slashmysearch: $8.81 (+$2.02) - a paid to search engine
Adsense: up by $3.31)
Intoffers: $1.78 (+$0.72) - paid to click and complete offers
Jillsclickcorner:$2.58 (+$1.50) -PTC, PTS

Adbux: (4days) $1.54 ( a hot stuff at the moment, if you have doubts about
this program do not think twice now from joining because the site i found a payment proof when you click to view the minimize it before the timer starts otherwise it cannot be minimized anymore until the timer is done.
Which is kind of annoying sometimes (ok a lot!) because i am browsing other sites and I do not exactly read the ads.ü
Rotatormaster is down i have not log in a week. Hope i comes running back
again otherwise i will think it is another scam. I would definitely feel embarassed and sorry to those people whom signed up under me.
Total earnings = $ 49.17 (up by $21.51)

My earnings is not much compared to others but its ok, one should start from
small beginnings to appreciate something much bigger in the future.ü
My mylot earning is actually more than enough to pay for my internet bill for a month.
And i thought Adsense would make me some profit! I guess i was wrong.
It is not that easy.
I was just enticed by a friend whose adsense earned her $25.00 in just 12 days!
I thought it was great and easy to do, not much hard work to make, but that's not what
happened in my case. Anyways,her adsense got banned some 2 weeks ago. I heard of other bloggers whose adsense account got banned too,
with more than $100 sitting in their account. Ouch!
Good thing there are other advertising sites such as Adbrite and
Bidvertiser as an option to Google's adsense
but so far i am not earning from those yet.
No such luck eh.

I am thinking i should probably change my blog's name since Blog to Profit
does not actually fit the bill.
I have no idea yet... which is not so surprising because
i am one of the many people who haven't been gifted with a very creative mind.ü
Ok, i got a lot of blog readings and visits to make at my Blogcatalog community.
There's such a lot of interesting blogs in there that i need to catch up with.

~ciao for now! =)

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Good news to everyone, the site pays! I found a payment proof and there's some more in

Under the sea

One of the things i've enjoyed so much in my life is scuba diving. It is not just a hobby for me, but it became basically my life. My major is Marine Biology - the study of marine life! Got my PADI scuba diving license in 2002 but have not really extensively dived until i worked in a government agency as a Coastal Resource Management staff. I got to travel a lot locally the past 2 years of my existence, diving (almost everyday!) and surveying many seas in our region for the establishment of marine sanctuaries. Throughout that 2 years, i had changed 4 dive buddies already(!) - 2 females and 2 males. The first one resigned from the job to pursue a nursing degree, the second one resigned to be a policewoman, the first guy i worked with quit to become a sales rep,and the last one is still on the job... i was the the one who quit this January. Anyway, that's another story.

As i've posted before i lost most of my underwater photos because i stored it in my Yahoo photos account which i lost last week. I managed to found some of my underwater photos in my friendster album, and i wanna share them with you peepz!

This is me. Three shades darker.

   Resting after the first dive. Salt was already formed in my eyebrows :-) 

This is a pink fan coral, the largest I've in one of my dives in Camiguin Island,  at 11meters depth, she was a real beauty among the cluster of dead-man's finger soft corals.   
The picture is not much of a good quality since it was taken with just a disposable Kodak underwater camera.

17 meters under water, we found this thick staghorn coral community. A regal angelfish darted to hide.
I remembered being scared on this dive because the corals were so thick and the surroundings a bit dark blue that i was imaging scary thoughts like sharks, sea snakes and murray eel could perhaps be lurking here somewhere.

Aside from the colorful corals, my favorite subject to watch are clownfishes or anemonefishes whose color ranges from red, black, orange red,  orange and pink.
They are quite a territorial animals and i am an eager observer 
and would like to just hover above its home. Once, a mother poked me and collided with my mask
with a thud! She was with her youngs and  thought maybe i was to warm them.

I have not dived for 4 months now and i'm quite missing it. When i am underwater
i feel so at peace. Every dive is a whole new experience. The first time i saw
manta rays... 8 of them at once! I was like not blinking at all. I was there
sitting on the seafloor in awe. Camiguin Island, is one of the best dive site i've been. Someday, i wish i could go dive in Cebu or the Great Barrier Reef in Australia! (hahahaha its free to dream, right!?) - well that is if i can go back diving. Hope i can make some good earnings online so i can buy new scuba gears and maybe get an advanced scuba diving lessons.

Until then. =)

StatCounter is one of the most popular free website stat tracker today - with a reported 10 billion page load a month. It is packed full of useful and powerful tools to help you make better decisions about your website.

What i Love aBouT iT
There is a Configurable Summary Stat designed to show at a glance how many pageloads, unique visitors, returning visitors and first time visitors your site has received to date. They can be configured to display data of specific interest in a number of different ways. You can:
*display summary stats per day, week, month, quarter or year
*display summary stats for a specific date range or period
*display summary stats using bar graphs or area
graphs toggle on and off pageloads/unique/returning/first-time data

You can “zoom in” on individual visitors and get a detailed report on where they are from, their system settings, and most importantly, what link referred them to your site and their navigation path through your site. The Statcounter has intergrated Google Earth to make it possible.

The recent visitors to your website are plotted as markers on a Google map. This gives instant visual feedback about the location of your visitors worldwide. Each marker is expandable to give more information about when and how that particular visitor found your website, what webpages they navigated through and how long they spent on the website. The ability to easily zoom in and out on the marker is also available to the point where you can actually see the roof of the visitor's building or house! That get's me excited to view my webstat. =)

Find out what percentage of your visitors stay for various periods of time. This stat is important, as it can help you determine how much “pull” your website has for visitors – if your visit length is typically low, you may wish to find improved ways to keep your visitors on your site for longer.

You can even check how much time EACH individual visitor spends in your site by drill down on specific visit lengths to view those visitors who stayed for different periods of time – drilling down on short visit lengths and magnifying those visitors will show their navigation path, which may help identify why they only stayed a short time.

Other features you can check out for your self include:

Popular Pages
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Don't have Statcounter on your website yet?
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its free and be amazed on the how much and where your traffic came from.

Stuck in my head

Do you have a song that got stuck in your head?
I started my day singin a song i heard from the radio the other day.
I do and I love this song so much, i can't get it out of my head. The weird part is, i am not even brokenhearted - this is kinda sad song.
The good thing is that its not annoying and if i sing the entire song out loud, it would die in my head sooner than when i just hummm it. The only annoying part of singing a sad love song is that you remember all the sad past relationships and i hate going back to that part of my life. Oh well, let me share with you the song that's like a freakin jukebox in my brain.

Someday by Nina

Someday you'll gonna realize
One day you'll see through my eyes
But then i won't even be there
I'll be happy somewhere
Even if i can't I know
You dont really see my worth
You think your the last guy on earth
Well i've got news for you I know i'm not that strong
But it won't take long Won't take long


Coz someday, someone's gonna love me
The way, i want you to need me
Someday, someone's gonna take your place
One day i'll forget about you Y
ou'll see, i won't even miss you
Someday, someday
But now I know you can't tell I'm down,and i'm not down anyway
But one day these tears
They will all run dry
I won't have to cry
Sweet goodbye