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Beware of Another Nigerian Scam

I received a strange email today, it said:

Complements of the day,

I Mrs. Rose Christiana Grand; form Canadian Hotel, we have be notified of your interest to work and stay in Canada, and we will be needing your service to get six to twenty more people including your self, who will also be ready to work at hotel, I will help to bring you people here In Canada hotel as tourists.

With the new Immigration law here in Canada , the Government controls the numbers of immigrant coming into Canada and there purpose of coming, these are reasons why I shall be securing you a group tourists visa , If you will accept to work with me at hotel Canada.

We will also help to process all your documents through the Ottawa immigration bureau Canada, that you are visiting Canada as tourists, and with the assistant of our attorney, the chief immigration officer will sent to you all the necessary document that you all will need to obtain a visa immediately at Canada embassy in your country without any question. So that you can come over here and start your job
Thanks from hotels staff of Canadian hotels

Manager of Canadian Hotels,
Mrs. Rose. C. Grand



After reading the mail, i Googled for Omni Hotel and yeah this fine hotel really exist but there are lots of pages in the google results which discussed this particular email as another Nigerian scam. I also checked the official Omni Hotel website and there is no such advertisement.

It's sad to think some people from poor and developing countries like most of Asia and Africa could fall into this scheme in hope of better income working in Canada. Imagine, you don't have to pay anything to work abroad and further more when you got an offer you have no idea how they came to reach your inbox. Please be careful, if you receive an email of this sort just delete it specially if you feel it's too good to be true.


  1. confessing7girl said...
    ah u know i get a lot of email like this!! and saying i win vacations and stuff but once i see that strange name signer of the very professionally written email i go straight to DEL!! its all scams!!
    mayenskie said...
    yeah, we should not believe every email we get specially if we do not know the sender.

    thanks for visiting me again confessing7girl =)
    mackyboy said...
    yes so true i got the exact email and i was so confused why would someone even bother to send me that since i hadn't applied for anything and it even came along with some poor girl's picture claiming she was this rose person.
    yolandi said...
    Hi guys

    I received this email too. Read below what I received. I have been scammed once before except mine was to go to the Phillipines. Except I was Naive to send the guy money. Well heres the email from the Nigerian guy...women...scammer (every dog has his day).

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    The Board of Director Management of Canadia Omni Hotel is using this Media to announce to public that we have some offers in the Hotel. If you're a good sous-chefs / lobby agents / accounting Clerks / waiters / house-persons / event coordinators / sales managers / Bartenders / maintenance staff / banquet servers / stewards e.t.c, you can reply for further information on how to apply for any suitable post that you can be perfect in handling.

    Please note that we value our employees as our most essential resource. If you wish to make an application to join our professional team at Canadia Omni Hotel,we invite you to contact us back with your information's. IE: (CV) in micro word. When submitting your application Letter, be as specific as possible about which positions are of interest to you. You may apply at any time for any positions and your application will remain active in our files for a period of Three months.

    Canadia Omni Hotel we go above and beyond to make your Event a success. I invite you to contact me to book your job position in Canadia Omni Hotel.

    We needs workers whom are to be employed to work for the Hotel in Montreal Quebec Canada at least for good three [3] year or more.

    The Hotel management will take care of your accommodations & flight ticket . Also exercise on your visa processing through the Canadian Immigration Bureau Office Ottawa.

    It is the genuine desire of every member of our team to ensure your stay is memorable. Please call upon me at any time if there is anything we can do to make your stay more memorable.
    Contact Email :

    Best Regards,

    Manager Omni Hotel Montreal Canada.
    Anonymous said...
    This scam of a thing is getting excessive, and I think it's time the gorvenment world wide take serious look at it and take decisive action. Putting strong pressure on the goverment of the countries this email are mostly generated, and engaging INTERPOL to track the individual involve in the scam with a serious punishment for anybody guilty of the offence will really help. Most importantly we need to recognize the global nature of this problem and be sincere with it. The phone number in this particular scam letter is not even Nigeria phone number, then why posted it as Nigeria Scam?

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