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Optical Illusion

Is it a Frog or a Horse?

"Behind the Success of every man, there is a woman." Amazing picture! Just press CTRL+A to select all and you will know why it is so. .. ( if its not working click on the picture it will open in a new window and press CRTL A)

If you watch the below images from your seat in front of the computer, Mr.Angry is on the left, and Mrs.Calm is on the right. Get up from your seat, and move back 12 feet, and PRESTO!! They switch places!!

This illusion was created by Phillippe G.Schyns and Aude Oliva of the Univ. of Glasgow . This proves that we may not be seeing what's actually there, all the time!!

I should have updated info about this site long time ago so you people won't join anymore. It doesn't work anymore, so don't waste your time joining.

There are search engines that get run through this program and these sites are paying to try to improve their Traffic Rating with Alexa This way they have a better chance of competing with the big boys like Yahoo and Google.

You can automatically earn money $10 or more a day without any referrals! But when you do signup a couple of people the money will come in even faster…

This is still a relatively unknown program, meaning there is a lot of potential for you to get many people sign up under you.(before everyone joins when the word gets out that this is really working!)

The program works like the ‘click on search engines and get paid’ programs, except for 2 things:

1. you don’t have to click on any links; it runs automatically in the background.

2. it doesn’t give you just one search engine that makes you money. Right now there are about 23 paying searchengines that run within the program. If you run yourcomputer 24/7 they will be generating at least $5 a day.

This program pays so much because it works with ‘Adult’ search programs and that’s where the money is…
So, you start out with $5 to $10 a day… Just for being online. That’s with no referrals! If you have any referrals, you get 5% of their running time as well, 10 levels deep.

You'll actually be earning more from referrals then from your own rotations!But to keep system running you are obligated to run some rotations yourself. It doesn't matter how your referrals are lined up as long as they are 10 levels deep you'll be getting 5% on behalf of each of them!

The potential to actually make money on the internet is very evident.

So, just give RotatorMaster a try, it's absolutely FREE (no upgrading or anything) and doesn't take a lot of time.

Here are the instructions:

Step 1. Click link below and fill out the form:

Note: Don’t let the boring looking site discourage you,once you are set up, it’s great fun watching your income rise every day for doing nothing!

Step 2. Where it says Company Name put: RotatorMaster

Step 3. For url put:

Step 4. For TAX ID put: N/A

Step 5. Fill the rest out normally.

Step 6. Click register

Step 7. Now login (it can take a couple of minutes before you are activated . Don't forget to confirm the email!You will be taken to the menu.

Step 8. Here your URLs are listed.

Step 9. Now download OUGO (it’s a special browser and the heart of this program)

Here:OUGO Auto Browser (.exe)
OUGO Auto Browser (.zip)

Save it and install by double clicking the file.

This is a really neat automatic browser. It just runs in the background andearns you money.
(After you have thisrunning for a while go to your RotatorMaster account and click onstatistics and your money grow….excellent!!)(statistics updated every 24 hours)

Step 10. Copy your Portal URL which is the one listed on the page.It should look like this: sure you put in your ID)

Step 11. Run OUGO browser by clicking the shortcut on your desktop.

Step 12. Go to Tools, Developers, Analyst, Act and then SETUP.

Step 13. On the lower left side click APPEND. A popup window will open.

Step 14. Type: Set1 as the name and hit okay.
Now the small window on the left you should have Set1 in it.

Step 15. Paste your Portal URL (from step 10) into the large window on the right and hit okay(make sure that the cursor isn’t on the second line).

Step 16. Go to Tools, Developers, Analyst, and select 6 (at the bottom)
This will open up 6 separate search engine browsers, soinstead of just getting paid from 1 at a time it pays youfor 6 at a time!

The OUGO program will start clicking on the searchpages.

In case you shut the program or boot your computer, open the OUGO browser, go to Tools/Developers/Analyst and hit six to start it all up again.

Do not touch any other settings.

Your done!

Once you get this set up you can minimize the window and go about whatever you normally do. Just remember to check now and then to see if the program is still running okay.

Feel free to use all of the information on this page to refer others. Make sure you change my URL to yours!

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Earnings Update

Mylot : I joined mylot almost 2 months ago January 28 to be exact. I earned my first $10 by Feb. 12. Thanks to my only referral (my sister). It's been 3weeks now that i don't contribute much in the community. I usually just log in to check my earnings.
myLot earning system has lowered just few weeks ago, and i feel that i don't earn as much as i earned before. My highest earning ever was $1.24, usually i averaged about $0.5/day before. But this march, it's getting hard even to get $0.5 a day doing my usually 30-50 comments.
Anyways, so far my total earnings now is $16.73 ( $12.96 of that is already paid to my e-gold account)

Slashmysearch: $6.79 (month of March)

Adsense : It's not much, i don't get that much traffic because i only joined blog directory 2 days ago. That's the first lesson i forgot. I forgot to tell people about my blog so how would they know this page exist. *LoL*

Paid to Click sites i joined: This sites as expected only pays pennies but nonetheless it doesnt take much of my time. But pennies can still be bucks when add up together.. look =)

March earnings

Jillsclickcorner: $1.0785

Intoffers: $1.06

Total earnings: $27.6585 that's roughly 1,341 Philippine peso already! I am already smiling but not quite that happy, hoping i can still earn some more in the coming days.

Anyone of you who accidentally found this page, feel free to leave your referral links.

thank you!

Slashmysearch Updates

Some members of Slashmysearch have experienced difficulty in accessing the site for the last few weeks. Sometimes is on and then some days its totally can't be reached. This really frustrates some people like me who wants to earn money while we surf.

Recently, Slashmysearch staff has been painstakingly emailing its members to remind them that is still in beta. And that they are still working hard to take out bugs and improve their services.

Last week, was accessible but i could not sign-in to check my earnings.
Good thing that the problem is now fixed and i was able to log in earlier.
I am happy about the efforts of the SMS to send emails to its members, making them feel sure that they are doing something about the problem. This only shows they care about their subscribers. More so, i am excited and happy too when i read their email that they will compensate members who stick with them even during their down time. They will even credit loyal members' account 2 times the possible earnings they could have made during which SMS was down. Isn't that a good news!?

SMS members you can now login anytime and be sure you set your browser's homepage to SMS and to give out the link to all your friends.

Let's all make SMS BIG! Its all in our hands now.

UPDATE: March 26
I think i've been scammed.
Whoever made this site really made sure every $1 payment made would go to th e-gold account. However only to his e-gold account! because the e-gold account number for every payment can't be change. Its only his account number.
Earlier, i checked my sister's payment when she joined under me, her $1 would supposedly go to my e-gold account. But i was surprised to found out i didnt get anything. Her transaction showed it went to the account of a certain usuario_3000. I checked the transaction i made when i sign up for the same under a certain rosana, my history showed my payment also go to usuario_300o's egold account!. So i thought this is definitely a scam.

So friends, beware of get rich scheme.


I often tell friends not to join sites that ask for sign up fee but today, i gambled my $1 and signed -up in this site.


~ I don't have to click, post or read email to get paid.

~ It has 4 level referral system that would get you more and more cash than you can imagine.

~ Pay only a one time $1 to join and you're on your way to earn directly into your e-gold account. Unlike other similar sites that make you pay $1 to each 4 uplines.
~ Plus you get a bonus of 1000 impressions per day, random referrals, advertisement and rotators.
~ On top of this all, no need to wait for payout dates and reaching minimum payout since every single $1 your referral pay will automatically be deposited into YOUR e-gold account.

I am excited on this prospect and hopefully i am on the right track in hauling some cash online.

Could this be another scam? I hope not.

In a few days, i will keep you posted and we will see.

As part of my online cash quest, i've been browsing for sometime now and notice some bloggers who repeatedly comes up in my "earn extra money online" search.

Check them out, learn and apply their tips on how to make money online.
Here are some good reads in no particular order:

Prison Break

I was glued on tv for the longest hour of my life watching Prison Break Season 1 and oh boy aren't i glad its weekend. Thats the good thing of having a dvd you can watch it all you want!

And i can say now that i am a certified Prison Break addict, not only because Wenthworth Miller who plays the character of Michael Scofield is too good to be true and downright gorgeous hunk. I love him!

Prison Break is a tv series about a man (Lincoln Burrows) who was sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit and his brother's (Michael Scofield) elaborate plan to help him escape his death sentence.

This show is pure adrenaline rush, full of excitement, you never know what will happen next.
Right after im done with season 1, i bought the season 2 first installment (15 episodes) the next day, i can't wait for the next episodes!

I started this blog three days ago not only as a sort of online diary but for profit. I am happy that my adsense are now on and working.

Can we really earn money by blogging? The answer is YES!

I read many blogs and heard from people like me who are on quest to earning online money in legit ways that YES we can EARN MONEY thu BLOGGING with Google Adsense!

You only need to have a website or a blog to get started. Then apply and comply with the Google Adsense Program policies. This program has alreasy a step by step info on how to put adsense on your site, so its really easy to do!

Google adsense is perhaps the easiest way to earn a revenue. You only need to know how to get adsense and what to do to make it work.

So start blogging with adsense and tell your friends about it. The more people who will click on your ads, the more you will earn. Just remember thats YOU DON'T CLICK ADS ON YOUR OWN SITE, otherwise Google will delete your account, it should come from other people. Google tracks the IP addresses.

In the following weeks i will post how i am getting by with this venture.

The AGLOCO Mania

Last week i recieved an email - a 100 days report from AGLOCO to all its members. I've been a member of AGLOCO since December last year and i've been wondering when will the viewbar finally be availablefor downloading. Well, the wait has now an answer! Everyday would be day closer to the launch of AGLOCO in 7 weeks time.

To date there is already 50,000 successful recruiters and counting. I wonder how people get so many referrals. I read that someone has amassed 20,000 referrals already ! Wow if thats the case AGLOCO will actually hit its 10 million member goal by July2007.

To those of you who havent heard of yet of AGLOCO, don't be left out! This is a winner! Even Bill Gates claimed that AGLOCO is on the right track. AGLOCO wants you, me and everyone we know to own the internet .

Join AGLOCO now and be rewarded with cash while you surf the net using the AGLOCO viewbar which is free to download by its members and since it is a network you also earn a comission from your downlines!. Here's my personal link for you to sign up. Let's build this network hand in hand.

Earning while surfing?? Not a bad idea i found this great site and within hours and couple of sites searched i was surprised by how much i earned doing only what i normally do.
Please join me and earn too!
Google has adsense but you need a website for that. How many people has a personal website? A very small percentage of those internet users. Okay. Not even Yahoo! or Google can pay you cents just for surfing. And I mean surfing.
The Solution
If you don't like posting some post or fill up survey forms to earn money but you just want to search or surf using a search engine. Oh, I'm going to stick to Yahoo! and Google even if they don't pay me. How about this.. you can search and surf like you do here in the internet and that search engine will pay you $0.25 cents/hour. Sounds small? It's better than nothing. At the very least you get paid for you stay in the internet. Ready to know how? Sign up for free!

1. Click the link:

2. Sign-up for membership. It is for FREE!!!

3. Just follow the instructions that will be said.

4. They use paypal or e-gold for payment. If you don't have a paypal yet, sign-up here : or to get your account.

5. After your registration has been completed. sign in to your ac count to get your Standard Affiliated Link URL eg. (

6.Edit your homepage into your personal URL by clicking Tools, Internet Options, go to General Tab, then paste your URL ( to the homepage.

7. Start earning money per hour using that homepage.
Easy। Just use their search engine and they will pay some cents into your account. And some bonus, if you use their search engine and click on some links, you also earn cents. So start enjoying your surf using the internet. You know you are paid that chunk of money from the advertisers. Sounds fair, ayt? You can still earn even without referrals as long as you use the search engine, but having referrals would increase your earnings! So what are you waiting for! Sign Up now for free!

Earn Extra Money Online

I only learned that i can actually make some money online recently while just doing what i normally do like surfing, joining sites and posting on a discussion board.

1. Right now i am a member of myLoT community where its members are being paid posting a discussion or replying to any discussions and even for uploading some pictures. The great thing about it is you will also get 25% of your referrals earnings. Minimum payout is $10.

2. I also found great paid-to-click and sign up sites that are legit and really pays through e-gold and paypal. My links are:

3. An advertising program that also pays you to surf, advertise and get traffic to your site

I am on the process of learning to blog for a profit.
I'll keep you posted
bye for now...

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