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Slashmysearch search n' earn program

Earning while surfing?? Not a bad idea i found this great site and within hours and couple of sites searched i was surprised by how much i earned doing only what i normally do.
Please join me and earn too!
Google has adsense but you need a website for that. How many people has a personal website? A very small percentage of those internet users. Okay. Not even Yahoo! or Google can pay you cents just for surfing. And I mean surfing.
The Solution
If you don't like posting some post or fill up survey forms to earn money but you just want to search or surf using a search engine. Oh, I'm going to stick to Yahoo! and Google even if they don't pay me. How about this.. you can search and surf like you do here in the internet and that search engine will pay you $0.25 cents/hour. Sounds small? It's better than nothing. At the very least you get paid for you stay in the internet. Ready to know how? Sign up for free!

1. Click the link:

2. Sign-up for membership. It is for FREE!!!

3. Just follow the instructions that will be said.

4. They use paypal or e-gold for payment. If you don't have a paypal yet, sign-up here : or to get your account.

5. After your registration has been completed. sign in to your ac count to get your Standard Affiliated Link URL eg. (

6.Edit your homepage into your personal URL by clicking Tools, Internet Options, go to General Tab, then paste your URL ( to the homepage.

7. Start earning money per hour using that homepage.
Easy। Just use their search engine and they will pay some cents into your account. And some bonus, if you use their search engine and click on some links, you also earn cents. So start enjoying your surf using the internet. You know you are paid that chunk of money from the advertisers. Sounds fair, ayt? You can still earn even without referrals as long as you use the search engine, but having referrals would increase your earnings! So what are you waiting for! Sign Up now for free!


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