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Invest only $1 and earn more UPDATE

UPDATE: March 26
I think i've been scammed.
Whoever made this site really made sure every $1 payment made would go to th e-gold account. However only to his e-gold account! because the e-gold account number for every payment can't be change. Its only his account number.
Earlier, i checked my sister's payment when she joined under me, her $1 would supposedly go to my e-gold account. But i was surprised to found out i didnt get anything. Her transaction showed it went to the account of a certain usuario_3000. I checked the transaction i made when i sign up for the same under a certain rosana, my history showed my payment also go to usuario_300o's egold account!. So i thought this is definitely a scam.

So friends, beware of get rich scheme.


I often tell friends not to join sites that ask for sign up fee but today, i gambled my $1 and signed -up in this site.


~ I don't have to click, post or read email to get paid.

~ It has 4 level referral system that would get you more and more cash than you can imagine.

~ Pay only a one time $1 to join and you're on your way to earn directly into your e-gold account. Unlike other similar sites that make you pay $1 to each 4 uplines.
~ Plus you get a bonus of 1000 impressions per day, random referrals, advertisement and rotators.
~ On top of this all, no need to wait for payout dates and reaching minimum payout since every single $1 your referral pay will automatically be deposited into YOUR e-gold account.

I am excited on this prospect and hopefully i am on the right track in hauling some cash online.

Could this be another scam? I hope not.

In a few days, i will keep you posted and we will see.


  1. lady said...
    hi. that is interesting. i tried visiting the site but i can't get through. so anyway, this is cuddle, remember.. lets exchange links:

    check my blogs.. am putting your link there. GOD bless our endeavors to earn online..

    mayenskie said...
    hello cuddleme, thanks for dropping a note in my blog, i'l' go check yours too.
    i'll just leave you a message in mylot later regarding the link.

    see yah! =)
    Syaf The Geek said...
    Hi mayen,
    get-rich-quick-scheme is so rampant today. Even HYIP is a scam most of them so beware. You don't want to regret later do u?
    mayenskie said...
    Right Syaf, so i decided to just join free sites/networks that would made me some extra money and not the other way around.
    Its still a good thing that i only lost a dollar and not more. I already take out my referral link to that site so others can't join.

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