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Blog to profit with Adsense

I started this blog three days ago not only as a sort of online diary but for profit. I am happy that my adsense are now on and working.

Can we really earn money by blogging? The answer is YES!

I read many blogs and heard from people like me who are on quest to earning online money in legit ways that YES we can EARN MONEY thu BLOGGING with Google Adsense!

You only need to have a website or a blog to get started. Then apply and comply with the Google Adsense Program policies. This program has alreasy a step by step info on how to put adsense on your site, so its really easy to do!

Google adsense is perhaps the easiest way to earn a revenue. You only need to know how to get adsense and what to do to make it work.

So start blogging with adsense and tell your friends about it. The more people who will click on your ads, the more you will earn. Just remember thats YOU DON'T CLICK ADS ON YOUR OWN SITE, otherwise Google will delete your account, it should come from other people. Google tracks the IP addresses.

In the following weeks i will post how i am getting by with this venture.


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