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Earnings Update 2

As you noticed, I have not posted in days. I have fallen behind, big time.
I got busy with meeting the deadlines of the research papers my mom is doing as
i am acting as her assistant at the moment. But, I had a few hours today, and I think that I have gotten caught up on reading some interesting blogs and watching
BigBrother videos in Youtube.
But i won't be posting about them today.

I just thought its been a month since i posted my online earnings ,
its about time i give an update even if not much has increased though.

Mylot : $28.60 (+$11.87) - a great site where you get paid to post your opinion
Slashmysearch: $8.81 (+$2.02) - a paid to search engine
Adsense: up by $3.31)
Intoffers: $1.78 (+$0.72) - paid to click and complete offers
Jillsclickcorner:$2.58 (+$1.50) -PTC, PTS

Adbux: (4days) $1.54 ( a hot stuff at the moment, if you have doubts about
this program do not think twice now from joining because the site i found a payment proof when you click to view the minimize it before the timer starts otherwise it cannot be minimized anymore until the timer is done.
Which is kind of annoying sometimes (ok a lot!) because i am browsing other sites and I do not exactly read the ads.ü
Rotatormaster is down i have not log in a week. Hope i comes running back
again otherwise i will think it is another scam. I would definitely feel embarassed and sorry to those people whom signed up under me.
Total earnings = $ 49.17 (up by $21.51)

My earnings is not much compared to others but its ok, one should start from
small beginnings to appreciate something much bigger in the future.ü
My mylot earning is actually more than enough to pay for my internet bill for a month.
And i thought Adsense would make me some profit! I guess i was wrong.
It is not that easy.
I was just enticed by a friend whose adsense earned her $25.00 in just 12 days!
I thought it was great and easy to do, not much hard work to make, but that's not what
happened in my case. Anyways,her adsense got banned some 2 weeks ago. I heard of other bloggers whose adsense account got banned too,
with more than $100 sitting in their account. Ouch!
Good thing there are other advertising sites such as Adbrite and
Bidvertiser as an option to Google's adsense
but so far i am not earning from those yet.
No such luck eh.

I am thinking i should probably change my blog's name since Blog to Profit
does not actually fit the bill.
I have no idea yet... which is not so surprising because
i am one of the many people who haven't been gifted with a very creative mind.ü
Ok, i got a lot of blog readings and visits to make at my Blogcatalog community.
There's such a lot of interesting blogs in there that i need to catch up with.

~ciao for now! =)

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Under the sea

One of the things i've enjoyed so much in my life is scuba diving. It is not just a hobby for me, but it became basically my life. My major is Marine Biology - the study of marine life! Got my PADI scuba diving license in 2002 but have not really extensively dived until i worked in a government agency as a Coastal Resource Management staff. I got to travel a lot locally the past 2 years of my existence, diving (almost everyday!) and surveying many seas in our region for the establishment of marine sanctuaries. Throughout that 2 years, i had changed 4 dive buddies already(!) - 2 females and 2 males. The first one resigned from the job to pursue a nursing degree, the second one resigned to be a policewoman, the first guy i worked with quit to become a sales rep,and the last one is still on the job... i was the the one who quit this January. Anyway, that's another story.

As i've posted before i lost most of my underwater photos because i stored it in my Yahoo photos account which i lost last week. I managed to found some of my underwater photos in my friendster album, and i wanna share them with you peepz!

This is me. Three shades darker.

   Resting after the first dive. Salt was already formed in my eyebrows :-) 

This is a pink fan coral, the largest I've in one of my dives in Camiguin Island,  at 11meters depth, she was a real beauty among the cluster of dead-man's finger soft corals.   
The picture is not much of a good quality since it was taken with just a disposable Kodak underwater camera.

17 meters under water, we found this thick staghorn coral community. A regal angelfish darted to hide.
I remembered being scared on this dive because the corals were so thick and the surroundings a bit dark blue that i was imaging scary thoughts like sharks, sea snakes and murray eel could perhaps be lurking here somewhere.

Aside from the colorful corals, my favorite subject to watch are clownfishes or anemonefishes whose color ranges from red, black, orange red,  orange and pink.
They are quite a territorial animals and i am an eager observer 
and would like to just hover above its home. Once, a mother poked me and collided with my mask
with a thud! She was with her youngs and  thought maybe i was to warm them.

I have not dived for 4 months now and i'm quite missing it. When i am underwater
i feel so at peace. Every dive is a whole new experience. The first time i saw
manta rays... 8 of them at once! I was like not blinking at all. I was there
sitting on the seafloor in awe. Camiguin Island, is one of the best dive site i've been. Someday, i wish i could go dive in Cebu or the Great Barrier Reef in Australia! (hahahaha its free to dream, right!?) - well that is if i can go back diving. Hope i can make some good earnings online so i can buy new scuba gears and maybe get an advanced scuba diving lessons.

Until then. =)

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Stuck in my head

Do you have a song that got stuck in your head?
I started my day singin a song i heard from the radio the other day.
I do and I love this song so much, i can't get it out of my head. The weird part is, i am not even brokenhearted - this is kinda sad song.
The good thing is that its not annoying and if i sing the entire song out loud, it would die in my head sooner than when i just hummm it. The only annoying part of singing a sad love song is that you remember all the sad past relationships and i hate going back to that part of my life. Oh well, let me share with you the song that's like a freakin jukebox in my brain.

Someday by Nina

Someday you'll gonna realize
One day you'll see through my eyes
But then i won't even be there
I'll be happy somewhere
Even if i can't I know
You dont really see my worth
You think your the last guy on earth
Well i've got news for you I know i'm not that strong
But it won't take long Won't take long


Coz someday, someone's gonna love me
The way, i want you to need me
Someday, someone's gonna take your place
One day i'll forget about you Y
ou'll see, i won't even miss you
Someday, someday
But now I know you can't tell I'm down,and i'm not down anyway
But one day these tears
They will all run dry
I won't have to cry
Sweet goodbye

A few days ago my Yahoo e-mail account got deactivated. It was never an inactive account to start with. I have no idea how it might come to that since i often use it. In fact, i even emailed my younger sister a day before it got deactivated. The next day, i was confused that i can no longer access my account. When i tried to search for my Yahoo profile, i got worried because the result say that the page i was trying to view was not available. I tried the Help section but after filling out the necessary information, it said the account was deactivated.
How come?!#@%^ I did not do it and i never told anyone about my password either.
Yeah, i was just an email account. i would not make a fuss over it if only i don't have some things important stored in Yahoo Photos. I downloaded lots of pictures there - from years back. I got some of my underwater and mountain trekking photos since 2004, pictures with my friends and family, which i still was not able to get printed yet. To think i even just borrowed a digital camera for most of those pictures. It got me so sad not being able to those memories in print. =(

So after some thought, i remembered i did not actually write the Yahoo URL on the address bar, instead i clicked a search link for it. Could i really be a victim of a phishing site disguising as a Yahoo email account that eventually deactivated my account? I am not really 100% sure, but then maybe. I made some searches in the net and came up with these 6 infos on how to spot a fake website. I am sure many of old time bloggers and internet techies know these already, but for those newbies (like me!) who would "accidentally" stumble on my page, well, i hope you'll get a thing or two.

1. There are Phishers and Pharmers - Be aware that these are the two forms of identity theft are at the forefront in internet piracy. Phishers lures surfers to fake Websites and trick them in divulging sensitive information. While pharmers hijack web addresses and re-route surfers to impostor sites by using Trojan horse to send you to the fake site. Either way, the address you're sent to appears correct but the information you provide could end up in the wrong hands.

2. Consider the source - There are things you can do to be more certain that a site is authentic. If you typed in the address yourself, its more likely the site is legitimate. if you followed a link from within an email, there is a greater chance the site is fake. If the email was unsolicited or contains unusual sense of urgency, don't click links. Delete the email and contact the company or organization to verify their request for information.

3. Check the address - Some imposters try to imitate site using alternative spelling or a different domain extension like .edu or .biz rather than .com, hoping that people won't notice. Scrutinize the address of any website requesting for information. If the domain name does not match the name of the organization, or if it's spelled strangely or if the adress begins with a string of numbers, it may be fake.

4. Trust only secure sites - When you get to a page where you have to fill in your credit card number or personal information, check for a lock icon and for the URL beginning with https rather than http.
5. Check certificates - When you're on a secured site, make sure the site's certificate is legit. Your browser will automatically check it. If there's irregularities, your browser will alert you, but if it doesn't you can always clicked the locked icon to launch a window containing certificate info. Review these 3 things:
* The name of the authority issuing the certificate. Do some research to verify if it can be trusted.
* The name of the certificate owner. if the owner is not the name on the company's website do not use the site to send information.
* The expiration date. If the certificate had expired or has an unusually long expiration dtae do not trust the site. Most are just 1 - 2 years.

6. Security software - Good security software can help you avoid fake Web site scam like Norton antivirus 2007 which has an advanced features as it not only detects and removes viruses, spyware, and worms but also blocks these treats before they get into your computer and harm you.

Having learned it now, my only consolation was that even if my email was hacked, my Paypal and e-gold accounts info where not in that email account anymore as i have transfered it to other mail accounts 2 weeks prior to this incident, if ever, then my earnings from my money making sites would be sabotage.

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I haven't written in days, the other night (to dawn) i was so determined to write something - anything but about making money online. Yet, when i logged in the net, i was overwhelmed with my different earning ventures. Too many paid to click, paid to read, paid to post sites to check and before i knew it the sun was rising and i haven't blog yet. So now, i made a pact to update my blog before working on the others.

Its Maunday Thursday and Easter is all set this Sunday, which is great for all Pinoys (Filipino) since it's family time again and surely there's gotta be loads and loads of food to eat!
In the Philippines, Holy Week is observed in different ways. For mothers it means time for creativity, as they make dishes without meat since during Lenten season Christians abstain from eating meat every Friday. While for some men, its time for some pain they call penitensya (penitence). Amidst festivities, spectators will see spectacle of young men wearing hoods, wreaths and whipping their own backs with bamboo reeds in order to aggravate previously-inflicted wounds and people who volunteered to be crucified. Well, its tradition. Im not going to put a picture here but if you like to see an example i like you to check out Dino's Blography.

I like to talk more about the food than some gory stuff. Every Holy Week here, like tomorrow we are going to prepare some native dishes using coconut milk, the main purpose for this preparation is to obtain oil from the coconut cream since it is a belief that oil made during Holy Week has greater curative powers than those obtained on regular days.
All over the country there are other foods that are traditionally prepared during the Holy Week but this celebration became even more exciting with the inclusion of western traditions like easter eggs, hot-cross buns and easter lambs.


Easter egg is the universal symbol of Easter. It became an art form ago where that time they used dyes from leaves, flowers, fruits and barks. centuriesThe most famous Easter egg is the one made by Peter Carl Faberge in 1884. He was asked by a Russian czar to make a special Easter egg for his wife. Peter made it with platinum shelled easter egg with smaller gold egg inside which when opened contains a gold chicken and jeweled replica of the imperial crown. How cool is that!? From then on, he was commissioned by the royalty and made 57 more decorated eggs with magnificient figurines inside.
This is the most popular Faberge Easter egg


looks yummy aint it? The bun which has a cross mark on top was even regualted by law , prohibiting its sale except during Good Fridays, Christams and burials. During Holy Week, this kind of bun is so popular because of the belief (again) that hot-cross buns baked on Good Friday, protects the house from fire all year round - a reason why all over the country one can find doors with baskets of bread hanging overhead.


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