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Under the sea

One of the things i've enjoyed so much in my life is scuba diving. It is not just a hobby for me, but it became basically my life. My major is Marine Biology - the study of marine life! Got my PADI scuba diving license in 2002 but have not really extensively dived until i worked in a government agency as a Coastal Resource Management staff. I got to travel a lot locally the past 2 years of my existence, diving (almost everyday!) and surveying many seas in our region for the establishment of marine sanctuaries. Throughout that 2 years, i had changed 4 dive buddies already(!) - 2 females and 2 males. The first one resigned from the job to pursue a nursing degree, the second one resigned to be a policewoman, the first guy i worked with quit to become a sales rep,and the last one is still on the job... i was the the one who quit this January. Anyway, that's another story.

As i've posted before i lost most of my underwater photos because i stored it in my Yahoo photos account which i lost last week. I managed to found some of my underwater photos in my friendster album, and i wanna share them with you peepz!

This is me. Three shades darker.

   Resting after the first dive. Salt was already formed in my eyebrows :-) 

This is a pink fan coral, the largest I've in one of my dives in Camiguin Island,  at 11meters depth, she was a real beauty among the cluster of dead-man's finger soft corals.   
The picture is not much of a good quality since it was taken with just a disposable Kodak underwater camera.

17 meters under water, we found this thick staghorn coral community. A regal angelfish darted to hide.
I remembered being scared on this dive because the corals were so thick and the surroundings a bit dark blue that i was imaging scary thoughts like sharks, sea snakes and murray eel could perhaps be lurking here somewhere.

Aside from the colorful corals, my favorite subject to watch are clownfishes or anemonefishes whose color ranges from red, black, orange red,  orange and pink.
They are quite a territorial animals and i am an eager observer 
and would like to just hover above its home. Once, a mother poked me and collided with my mask
with a thud! She was with her youngs and  thought maybe i was to warm them.

I have not dived for 4 months now and i'm quite missing it. When i am underwater
i feel so at peace. Every dive is a whole new experience. The first time i saw
manta rays... 8 of them at once! I was like not blinking at all. I was there
sitting on the seafloor in awe. Camiguin Island, is one of the best dive site i've been. Someday, i wish i could go dive in Cebu or the Great Barrier Reef in Australia! (hahahaha its free to dream, right!?) - well that is if i can go back diving. Hope i can make some good earnings online so i can buy new scuba gears and maybe get an advanced scuba diving lessons.

Until then. =)


  1. Syaf The Geek said...
    I can't swim but I hope I can scuba someday. I even wear a safety jacket for snorkeling. Heheh
    mayenskie said...
    hehehe, its ok. But scuba is more fantastic than just snorkling. You know what, i got drowned 5 times before already when i was a kid. But it never stopped me from loving the sea. =)
    Anonymous said...
    Magadang Umaga Mayenskie, it's such a wonderful country, yours, for people loving sea. See you soon,
    Francis Drake

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