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Stuck in my head

Do you have a song that got stuck in your head?
I started my day singin a song i heard from the radio the other day.
I do and I love this song so much, i can't get it out of my head. The weird part is, i am not even brokenhearted - this is kinda sad song.
The good thing is that its not annoying and if i sing the entire song out loud, it would die in my head sooner than when i just hummm it. The only annoying part of singing a sad love song is that you remember all the sad past relationships and i hate going back to that part of my life. Oh well, let me share with you the song that's like a freakin jukebox in my brain.

Someday by Nina

Someday you'll gonna realize
One day you'll see through my eyes
But then i won't even be there
I'll be happy somewhere
Even if i can't I know
You dont really see my worth
You think your the last guy on earth
Well i've got news for you I know i'm not that strong
But it won't take long Won't take long


Coz someday, someone's gonna love me
The way, i want you to need me
Someday, someone's gonna take your place
One day i'll forget about you Y
ou'll see, i won't even miss you
Someday, someday
But now I know you can't tell I'm down,and i'm not down anyway
But one day these tears
They will all run dry
I won't have to cry
Sweet goodbye


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