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Earnings Update 2

As you noticed, I have not posted in days. I have fallen behind, big time.
I got busy with meeting the deadlines of the research papers my mom is doing as
i am acting as her assistant at the moment. But, I had a few hours today, and I think that I have gotten caught up on reading some interesting blogs and watching
BigBrother videos in Youtube.
But i won't be posting about them today.

I just thought its been a month since i posted my online earnings ,
its about time i give an update even if not much has increased though.

Mylot : $28.60 (+$11.87) - a great site where you get paid to post your opinion
Slashmysearch: $8.81 (+$2.02) - a paid to search engine
Adsense: up by $3.31)
Intoffers: $1.78 (+$0.72) - paid to click and complete offers
Jillsclickcorner:$2.58 (+$1.50) -PTC, PTS

Adbux: (4days) $1.54 ( a hot stuff at the moment, if you have doubts about
this program do not think twice now from joining because the site i found a payment proof when you click to view the minimize it before the timer starts otherwise it cannot be minimized anymore until the timer is done.
Which is kind of annoying sometimes (ok a lot!) because i am browsing other sites and I do not exactly read the ads.ü
Rotatormaster is down i have not log in a week. Hope i comes running back
again otherwise i will think it is another scam. I would definitely feel embarassed and sorry to those people whom signed up under me.
Total earnings = $ 49.17 (up by $21.51)

My earnings is not much compared to others but its ok, one should start from
small beginnings to appreciate something much bigger in the future.ü
My mylot earning is actually more than enough to pay for my internet bill for a month.
And i thought Adsense would make me some profit! I guess i was wrong.
It is not that easy.
I was just enticed by a friend whose adsense earned her $25.00 in just 12 days!
I thought it was great and easy to do, not much hard work to make, but that's not what
happened in my case. Anyways,her adsense got banned some 2 weeks ago. I heard of other bloggers whose adsense account got banned too,
with more than $100 sitting in their account. Ouch!
Good thing there are other advertising sites such as Adbrite and
Bidvertiser as an option to Google's adsense
but so far i am not earning from those yet.
No such luck eh.

I am thinking i should probably change my blog's name since Blog to Profit
does not actually fit the bill.
I have no idea yet... which is not so surprising because
i am one of the many people who haven't been gifted with a very creative mind.ü
Ok, i got a lot of blog readings and visits to make at my Blogcatalog community.
There's such a lot of interesting blogs in there that i need to catch up with.

~ciao for now! =)


  1. Syaf The Geek said...
    Mayen, it's really hard to earn from Adsense :(. But they are tons of alternatives :).
    Weng said...
    Hiya. Most of the sites say that we need a paypal account. I had recently signed up for it, but have yet to explore.

    Where can we withdraw money we receive?
    mayenskie said...
    hi weng,
    paypal is not yet available in our country, but its still ok to have an account, we can use the money there for online shopping. Maybe we can transfer the funds to our mastercard or visa account, too.
    999bharath said...
    hi may .. thaknz for ur sugesstions .. and one more thing . try to link my site to urs .. so that , visitors of ur site can have an idea abut scam sites and all that stuff . and ya , it will be big help for them .. hope u will ...
    my link is

    thnkz bye
    THE ANiTOKiD said...
    Nice going! Yup, start small and work your way up! Keep the faith! More power to you! Mabuhay!
    Vedis Teh said...
    Hi, I was wondering how to get reviews from Alexa Ranking. I noticed that you have so maaaaaaaany stars there.

    Would you mind sharing ?

    Thanks in advance.
    mayenskie said...
    hi vedis,

    I really have no idea about the reviews. I just copied the code from Alexa site and post it here.

    Thanks for dropping by =)
    Aimee said...
    We haven't even started earning money from our site. We went to get the traffic up before we try. Thanks for the tips.

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