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StatCounter is one of the most popular free website stat tracker today - with a reported 10 billion page load a month. It is packed full of useful and powerful tools to help you make better decisions about your website.

What i Love aBouT iT
There is a Configurable Summary Stat designed to show at a glance how many pageloads, unique visitors, returning visitors and first time visitors your site has received to date. They can be configured to display data of specific interest in a number of different ways. You can:
*display summary stats per day, week, month, quarter or year
*display summary stats for a specific date range or period
*display summary stats using bar graphs or area
graphs toggle on and off pageloads/unique/returning/first-time data

You can “zoom in” on individual visitors and get a detailed report on where they are from, their system settings, and most importantly, what link referred them to your site and their navigation path through your site. The Statcounter has intergrated Google Earth to make it possible.

The recent visitors to your website are plotted as markers on a Google map. This gives instant visual feedback about the location of your visitors worldwide. Each marker is expandable to give more information about when and how that particular visitor found your website, what webpages they navigated through and how long they spent on the website. The ability to easily zoom in and out on the marker is also available to the point where you can actually see the roof of the visitor's building or house! That get's me excited to view my webstat. =)

Find out what percentage of your visitors stay for various periods of time. This stat is important, as it can help you determine how much “pull” your website has for visitors – if your visit length is typically low, you may wish to find improved ways to keep your visitors on your site for longer.

You can even check how much time EACH individual visitor spends in your site by drill down on specific visit lengths to view those visitors who stayed for different periods of time – drilling down on short visit lengths and magnifying those visitors will show their navigation path, which may help identify why they only stayed a short time.

Other features you can check out for your self include:

Popular Pages
Entry Pages
Exit Pages
Came From
Keyword Analysis
Recent Keyword Activity
Search Engine Wars
Visitor Paths
Visit Length
Returning Visits
Recent Pageload Activity
Recent Visitor Activity
Country/State/City Stats
Recent Visitor Google Map
ISP Stats
Browser Stats
O.S. Stats
Resolution Stats
JavaScript Stats

Don't have Statcounter on your website yet?
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its free and be amazed on the how much and where your traffic came from.


  1. Syaf The Geek said...
    Other stat counter services that I really like is BlogFlux MapStats
    Tay said...
    I like StatCounter too. I used to log on to it a lot but now I've sort of been neglecting it... Maybe I should start using it again. :)
    Also, about what you said on my blog, about Technorati and BlogCatalog.
    I have already put my blogs on Technorati. However, I have not put the "add to technorati" up yet. I guess I'll do that today. Thanks for letting me know.
    BUT, I have not done BlogCatalog yet. Thank you, I will enter my blog for this!
    Have a great week
    ~Tay :)
    rchmura said...
    I'd give two thumbs up for GoStats. I've found better reports with GoStats and longer stats history over stat counter. You should give it a try.
    steve said...
    i love statcounter too!

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