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Easter Eggs and Hot-Cross Buns

I haven't written in days, the other night (to dawn) i was so determined to write something - anything but about making money online. Yet, when i logged in the net, i was overwhelmed with my different earning ventures. Too many paid to click, paid to read, paid to post sites to check and before i knew it the sun was rising and i haven't blog yet. So now, i made a pact to update my blog before working on the others.

Its Maunday Thursday and Easter is all set this Sunday, which is great for all Pinoys (Filipino) since it's family time again and surely there's gotta be loads and loads of food to eat!
In the Philippines, Holy Week is observed in different ways. For mothers it means time for creativity, as they make dishes without meat since during Lenten season Christians abstain from eating meat every Friday. While for some men, its time for some pain they call penitensya (penitence). Amidst festivities, spectators will see spectacle of young men wearing hoods, wreaths and whipping their own backs with bamboo reeds in order to aggravate previously-inflicted wounds and people who volunteered to be crucified. Well, its tradition. Im not going to put a picture here but if you like to see an example i like you to check out Dino's Blography.

I like to talk more about the food than some gory stuff. Every Holy Week here, like tomorrow we are going to prepare some native dishes using coconut milk, the main purpose for this preparation is to obtain oil from the coconut cream since it is a belief that oil made during Holy Week has greater curative powers than those obtained on regular days.
All over the country there are other foods that are traditionally prepared during the Holy Week but this celebration became even more exciting with the inclusion of western traditions like easter eggs, hot-cross buns and easter lambs.


Easter egg is the universal symbol of Easter. It became an art form ago where that time they used dyes from leaves, flowers, fruits and barks. centuriesThe most famous Easter egg is the one made by Peter Carl Faberge in 1884. He was asked by a Russian czar to make a special Easter egg for his wife. Peter made it with platinum shelled easter egg with smaller gold egg inside which when opened contains a gold chicken and jeweled replica of the imperial crown. How cool is that!? From then on, he was commissioned by the royalty and made 57 more decorated eggs with magnificient figurines inside.
This is the most popular Faberge Easter egg


looks yummy aint it? The bun which has a cross mark on top was even regualted by law , prohibiting its sale except during Good Fridays, Christams and burials. During Holy Week, this kind of bun is so popular because of the belief (again) that hot-cross buns baked on Good Friday, protects the house from fire all year round - a reason why all over the country one can find doors with baskets of bread hanging overhead.


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