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Slashmysearch Updates

Some members of Slashmysearch have experienced difficulty in accessing the site for the last few weeks. Sometimes is on and then some days its totally can't be reached. This really frustrates some people like me who wants to earn money while we surf.

Recently, Slashmysearch staff has been painstakingly emailing its members to remind them that is still in beta. And that they are still working hard to take out bugs and improve their services.

Last week, was accessible but i could not sign-in to check my earnings.
Good thing that the problem is now fixed and i was able to log in earlier.
I am happy about the efforts of the SMS to send emails to its members, making them feel sure that they are doing something about the problem. This only shows they care about their subscribers. More so, i am excited and happy too when i read their email that they will compensate members who stick with them even during their down time. They will even credit loyal members' account 2 times the possible earnings they could have made during which SMS was down. Isn't that a good news!?

SMS members you can now login anytime and be sure you set your browser's homepage to SMS and to give out the link to all your friends.

Let's all make SMS BIG! Its all in our hands now.


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