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Earnings Update

Mylot : I joined mylot almost 2 months ago January 28 to be exact. I earned my first $10 by Feb. 12. Thanks to my only referral (my sister). It's been 3weeks now that i don't contribute much in the community. I usually just log in to check my earnings.
myLot earning system has lowered just few weeks ago, and i feel that i don't earn as much as i earned before. My highest earning ever was $1.24, usually i averaged about $0.5/day before. But this march, it's getting hard even to get $0.5 a day doing my usually 30-50 comments.
Anyways, so far my total earnings now is $16.73 ( $12.96 of that is already paid to my e-gold account)

Slashmysearch: $6.79 (month of March)

Adsense : It's not much, i don't get that much traffic because i only joined blog directory 2 days ago. That's the first lesson i forgot. I forgot to tell people about my blog so how would they know this page exist. *LoL*

Paid to Click sites i joined: This sites as expected only pays pennies but nonetheless it doesnt take much of my time. But pennies can still be bucks when add up together.. look =)

March earnings

Jillsclickcorner: $1.0785

Intoffers: $1.06

Total earnings: $27.6585 that's roughly 1,341 Philippine peso already! I am already smiling but not quite that happy, hoping i can still earn some more in the coming days.

Anyone of you who accidentally found this page, feel free to leave your referral links.

thank you!


  1. Syaf The Geek said...
    Wow.. that's a good start. I wish I had that kind of good start hehe.

    Syaf The Geek
    mayenskie said...
    ohh i think my earnings kinda small =( but as i've said im hoping for the best, my adsense account and this site is still 1 week old anyways.

    thanks for dropping by.
    Keta said...
    yeah that's pretty good. I signed up for google adsense months ago . . . my earnings are $0.37 !
    mayenskie said...
    really! only 0.37 cents? now i feel pretty good heheheh
    Sewing Simple said...
    Good job already! All the best!!
    confessing7girl said...
    wow!!!!!im still new to this making money online thing but i sign up on clixsense and i got $0.86 since may 1st!! i dont think thats much......acually it feels kinda sad!!:D

    ps- oh i love ur template!! and the X near the comments reminds me of the X-files!!! :D
    mayenskie said...
    I think i am doing good in clixsense, recentlt i get to clicked on many 0.02 ads. Its been a week and i have $1.43 already. You should try adbux if you still haven't signed up yet. I have $7.10 so far in 3 weeks time.

    yeah this template is cool, i fell in love with it the first time i saw it. =)
    Anonymous said...
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