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The AGLOCO Mania

Last week i recieved an email - a 100 days report from AGLOCO to all its members. I've been a member of AGLOCO since December last year and i've been wondering when will the viewbar finally be availablefor downloading. Well, the wait has now an answer! Everyday would be day closer to the launch of AGLOCO in 7 weeks time.

To date there is already 50,000 successful recruiters and counting. I wonder how people get so many referrals. I read that someone has amassed 20,000 referrals already ! Wow if thats the case AGLOCO will actually hit its 10 million member goal by July2007.

To those of you who havent heard of yet of AGLOCO, don't be left out! This is a winner! Even Bill Gates claimed that AGLOCO is on the right track. AGLOCO wants you, me and everyone we know to own the internet .

Join AGLOCO now and be rewarded with cash while you surf the net using the AGLOCO viewbar which is free to download by its members and since it is a network you also earn a comission from your downlines!. Here's my personal link for you to sign up. Let's build this network hand in hand.


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