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Prison Break

I was glued on tv for the longest hour of my life watching Prison Break Season 1 and oh boy aren't i glad its weekend. Thats the good thing of having a dvd you can watch it all you want!

And i can say now that i am a certified Prison Break addict, not only because Wenthworth Miller who plays the character of Michael Scofield is too good to be true and downright gorgeous hunk. I love him!

Prison Break is a tv series about a man (Lincoln Burrows) who was sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit and his brother's (Michael Scofield) elaborate plan to help him escape his death sentence.

This show is pure adrenaline rush, full of excitement, you never know what will happen next.
Right after im done with season 1, i bought the season 2 first installment (15 episodes) the next day, i can't wait for the next episodes!


  1. mandy said...
    hi! i know, Prison Break is awesome! i am also hooked! I'm just kinda sad they killed tweener... i dunno if thats because he's in some controversy now.
    Tay said...
    I've heard this is really good but I've never watched it before... Maybe I should sometime! ;)
    Syaf The Geek said...
    The 2nd Season is more awesome and I've download it heheh.
    mayenskie said...
    right, the 2nd season is more action packed. I loved it! Can't wait for the 3rd season!

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