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Before anything else, thanks to those who visited my site while i was away. I was surprised to see an increase in my alexa rankings from 2.8M last week to 1.49M today. Link exchanges and promotion of my site in traffic generating sites proved to be very useful!

Last night, when i got back online i got so busy (as usual) with my many online money generating sites. I decided to upgrade my Clixsense account. I've been into this site for 2 months now and i usually get an average of 2-4 ads per day for 0.01 - 0.04cents each as a basic member. It cost $10/year to upgrade into premium membership. I have heard of so many good things about this site from upgraded members and i am positive that this advertising company pays it users.

To those who do not know about Clixsense yet, you can earn from 0.01cents up to $5.00 just by visiting advertisers website, now isn't that better than Adbux? It got more than 8million page views in the last 30days. Minimum payout is $10 payable thru check. My upgraded membership was activated immediately last night and when i click the "get paid to browse section" i was so thrilled to see almost 200 ads available for me to click - that was surely a lot and because of that i was able to sleep at 3am. But that was okay, I earned so much from last night - as much as i earned in my 2 months as a free member. I am so happy with my decision that i need to share it with you.(",)

If you have a Clixsense account already, do upgrade your account, you will never be sorry. I think if the number sites available for me to click will be like this everyday, I will get back my $10 premium membership fee in just 3 days and when i get my check it would be more than $10 - there is certainly no limit to what we can earn from this great site. Plus, if you have referrals and they upgrade their membership $5 incentive will go directly to your account as their upline. (",)

Join now for free, let's help each other make money online and expect monthly paychecks to come.

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  1. Syaf The Geek said...
    I'm going to upgrade it this week. I want to make money too heheh
    THE ANiTOKiD said...
    Hi Mae! Found an interesting post in my blog, you may want to check it out.

    The link is at

    Good luck!
    ara07 said...

    Although i have not yet upgraded my account but still managed to make $28 which became $25 after deduction of shipping of the cheque.
    And yes i do have a proof o my payment and i think that you will be happy to view it, if that is true what you said then i think i must upgrade immmediately, thanks for the great advice!
    Click here to view my payment proof from clixsense and other websites!
    Thanks for visiting!
    Jomar Aban said...
    Yes, clixsense is definitely a legitimate paid to click site. If you have time, you might want to check my blog Clixsense Tutorials to see other proven ways to increase your income with Clixsense. Thank you!
    Redlomo said...
    If you click 10 ads a day, you refer 100 members who click 10 ads a day, you could earn up to $303 monthly, that means $3636 yearly. With more referrals or ads the earning potential is endless.
    Mark Lyndon Brillantes said...
    Clixsense is one of the best paid to Click sites around. I had in fact paid there four times. I am really happy with my online job there. I am paid by viewing ads, playing clixgrid, doing tasks, etc. Additionally, I had considered blogging about it to share my tips on how to earn more there. You could see here: More About Clixsense
    Nadeem Afzal said...
    Paid to Click Advertising at ClixSense

    ClixSense is one of the oldest and most trusted Paid-to-Click (PTC Advertising) websites online. Members get paid to click on PTC adverts to view websites, complete offers, surveys and tasks.
    No joining fee or registration fee ITS FREE

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