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The new Firefox was released last May 30 and is now available for download. I have already updated mine today. The latest version has fixed some security issues they encountered with the previous versions of Firefox. More enhancement and support for Windows Vista are included.

You can personalize your browser with new themes and useful add-ons to make your internet access more productive like StumbleUpon toolbar which you can download here and bookmark among others.

As they promised, Firefox continues to lead the way in online security to make its users safer from online scams.

Make Firefox your own!


  1. All Blog Spots said...
    nice blog
    confessing7girl said...
    ah u hv no idea what happened to me!! and im using already!!! my bookmarks disppeared!! i had to manually search for them!!!
    mayenskie said...
    ohh confessinggirl, sorry to hear about losing your bookmarks, i guess it should be expected since when you update some components in previous version will be replaced. sorry. hope you found all those bookmarks already now.

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