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After exactly 6 months and 2 days since i registered, I received the email today that the agloco viewbar is ready to download (at last, its about time!). Honestly, i came to a point where, like Kumiko, (who i think is the biggest critic of agloco.ü ), i already thought this project will never be launched in the market because it took them forever to complete the viewbar software. Anyways, i am glad that finally it's out and ready to use.

I successfully downloaded it on the second try, at first i cannot get into the agloco website, maybe because thousands of members are downloading it at the same time. The website is sure swarming with traffic at this time around. I ran it earlier for a short time, there were no ads on it at the moment, i just surf around 5 sites but I hope i get paid for it still!

Here's a screen shot of the Agloco viewbar while i was reading John Chow dot com.

I waited for 6 months for the viewbar, i hope i won't wait a year to get paid. Well, i am now hoping for the best. It's time to make money online with Agloco! Join my network.



  1. augel said...
    hi mayen!

    yeah, it sound quite doubtful, but will try it out too, since there's no harm in trying.

    take care. hope you earn a lot.
    lady influence said...
    hi there.. i am a member of Agloco too, but i've never been paid yet. i have referrals but i have not downloaded the toolbar. let's just hope we can really earn from it.

    anyway, here's another way to increase your blog's page rank and backlinks. check this out.
    natre said...
    hello.. :D thanks sa pagdaan sa blog ko.. suggestion q po sana maglagay kau ng tagboard kung gusto nyo lng pra ung mga visitors madaling magkaroon ng connection sa inyo.. link exchange??
    Syaf The Geek said...
    Well I've download it and installed it but is it true that I'm only can surf for 5 hours only in one month?
    mayenskie said...
    @syaf : yep, for now members are only allowed to monetize 5 hrs/month of surfing. It sucks right?! meaning, there is a limit to what we could earn. but i hope in time it would be unlimited.

    @natre: thanks for the idea, i will look for a nice tag board. =)

    @lady you will not earn and get paid unless you download and use the viewbar for surfing the net. =)
    THE ANiTOKiD said...
    Tomorrow is Independence Day kabayan! You might find this interesting:

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