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I came upon this site called BackLinkSite which promises an increase in our website or blog's traffic.
What to do?
Nothing major of a sort, you will just link their site to any page of your website, click it and pronto! your link will go to their top list automatically. Why do you have to click? That is just to make sure your backlink does go to BackLinkSite homepage.

Why is backlinks important?
The number of backlinks or incoming links to a webpage is an indication of popularity or importance of such a page. Google PageRank algorithm uses backlinks to help determine a site's ranks.

How it works?
This site works by recording the referrer document from an incoming link. That means any site that links to them automatically gets a link back from this site.

When a site is first recorded, it moves to the top of the recent activity list, and is inserted in the proper order for the alpha and cronological pages. For the 'popularity' page, each outgoing click is recorded as a vote, and for the 'best friends' list, each incoming click is counted as a vote.

Back-links are generated instantly the very first time a request comes in from your page. The system then inserts your link in an 'honesty' que for periodic verification that a link to is in place on your site.

More so, it said that we one is looking for maximum search engine exposure or want to get top listed in Google and Yahoo search results, they can make that happened for you, but of course with a fee.

Right now, they got more than 10,000 websites listed alphabeticaly. So, if you wanna improve your website's traffic, join in, there is nothing to lose but all to gain. =)

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  1. THE ANiTOKiD said...
    Hi Mae! Just logged in after 2 days of missing the blogging fun! Spent time with my daughter who is running for the presidency of her school's student body council :)

    By the way, there are a couple of link trains going on that I just found out. One is the MyBlogLog train and the other is the BlogLines.

    Links are at


    And oh! Somebody nominated me for the Filipino Blog of the Week Award! It's at

    Regards kabayan!
    chamila said...
    Isn't internet marketing all about generating as much traffic as possible and converting this traffic into signups and sales?

    I know it is... that's why I concentrate on getting as much free traffic to my website as possible. Here is one great source that has helped me a lot.
    chamila said...
    First of all I am glad you are not bored with blogs.



    the world can not live without trees

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