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Google Adsense Alternatives

Want to monetize your site, but seems to take forever to reach the minimum payout of $100 using Google Adsense? Check out these Pay-Per-Click (*PPC) and Cost-Per-Mile (**CPM) advert program.

*Pay-Per-Click is programs such as Google Adsense. You get paid whenever someone clicks on the ads that you have placed. This is probably the most popular one. Payment given can vary depending on the niche of the website and of the publisher you are using.

**Cost-Per-Mille is programs that gives you money per 1,000 times (impressions) that the banner is shown. Payment can range from $0.50 per 1,000 impressions to $5 per 1,000 impressions.

No-Minimum Cashouts,

Paid CPM - A Easy safe CPM Banner that pays $0.01 per CPM. No Minimum cashout. Payments made by E-gold or Moneybookers at end of Every Month. Net 45 Days.

Paid-to-Promote- A CPM Banner. Get Paid $0.005 Per Unique View. 2 Monthly Payments. No Minimum Payouts. Unique Views Count Only if redirected. Great if you need fast cash.

MediaShakers - A Great CPM Banner Program that pays for Raw Impressions. They Pay Extremely High for U.S. Impressions. If you have a lot it will work well. No Minimum Payout. Payments are made net 30 days on the 5th of the month. Payments are made Paypal or wire transfer.

Mvav - A great fast paying CPM Banner Program. They Pay $0.01 Per 2 redirects. Redirects occur only when someone is using IE. No minimum cashout. Payments made by Paypal.

Obeus- A Paid to click Program That has CPM but you can only get CPM is a advertiser buys directly from you. Cashout is $1.00. They are very strict with click fraud. If you happen to click your own ads you will be suspended upon payout. Payments are sent within 48hours and by E-gold.

$1.00 Min. Cashouts

Itsptp - Another well known CPM Banner Program. Its also known to have some background music so if you have a music player its not best to add into your site. You get Paid $1.5 CPM for Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland Traffic. Easy $1.00 Payout. They Pay by E-gold or Paypal.

$10.00 Min. Cashouts

Bidvertiser - A well Known Paying PPC Program. A alternative for Google Adsense. It pays Well if you have lots of clicks. Remember Do not click your own ads. They Will know and suspend your account. They track Ip and a ratio of CTR%. They Pay Net 15. Minimum Cashout is $10.00. They Pay by Paypal or Check.

Adbrite - Great CPM and PPC Program. This is a great alternative for Google Adsense. Low $10.00 Payout. Paid By Check. Net 30.

Orana Ads
- Another Great CPM and PPC Program. $0.10 CPM Banner. $0.01 Per Click. $10.00 Cashout. Monthly Payments. Paid by Paypal or E-gold.

$20.00 - $50 Min. Cashouts
Chitika - One of the best paying PPC Publisher Programs Around. They Pay Per click. Net 15. Payments made by Paypal. $20.00 Cashout.

VastGate- A CPM Banner Around for over 2 Years. Many Use it. Not many Reach Payout Due to the $25.00 Min. Payout. It pays $0.25 CPM. It contains a Layer-Ad inside the banner. Monthly Payments made E-gold or Paypal.

Adlandpro - a long term Paid to Search and Paid to Click Program. Minimum Payout is $35.00. They Send Payments every 15th of the Month. Payments are sent by check.

Cpxinteractive- A Well Known CPM Banner Program. They Rarely Accept Members unless the site has over 500,000 traffic monthly page views and follows their site content catagory. If you happen to get accepted by them you will be very lucky. They pay really well. Net 30 days. Cashout is at $50.00. Payments are made by Checks.

Gimmelink - A Brand New CPM/PPC banner Program that pays $0.20 per thousand raw views. Easy money maker. Not sure if it pays yet will update when payment is made. $50.00 Cashout. Payments made by paypal,check,e-gold,safepay,alertpay.

Ads-Click- A Very Great Paying Site. Min. Payout is at $50.00 with Net 30 days. Payments Made with Paypal.

AdultAdWorld -
best Well Known Paying Adult CPM Site. They also carry Non-adult CPM Banners. There CPM Pays at this rate. All CPM Banner = $0.05 CPM Raw, All Pop-under/Pop-ups = $5.00 CPM Raw, All Click Thrus Banners $0.05 per click. Minimum cash out is $50.00. They Pay Every Month Net 30. Payments Made By Check. (CAUTION: I don't think you can put this in a blogger account since it does not allow adult content)

A new type of CPM Program. They pay $1.00 CPM and cashout is $50.00. Weekly payments made. Payments made with Paypal.

a great PPC Program That pays for Genuine views which means that people who click the ad must surf through the ad and also click a item in order to count as a click. Each Valid Click Generates at least $0.20-$10.00. They Pay By Check. Minimum Cashout at $50.00. Net 30 Days at the end of month.

Tribalfusion -
A Well Known Cpm Program. They Accept Almost everyone that has at least over 2000 unique traffic daily. Must also comply to their website terms. Cashout is at $50.00. Payments made by checks. Net 45.

Interserve -
A New Paid Per Click Publisher Program. Started On August 2007. Minimum Cashout is $50.00. Each Click = $0.01-$5.00. Very Much Like Google but just a little less. Payments sent Every 28th of the month by E-gold,Check,Bank transfer, and Moneybookers.


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