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I stumbled and out of curiosity joined this site called Zion5 Community yesterday. Dubbed as the Facebook or Myspace of money makers, you can share ideas, promote yourself, your websites and much more in one place!

You can join the Zion 5 community, increase your chance to make money online ( especially if you have products and services to sell) and drive traffic to your website without putting holes in your pocket because it is FREE!

Zion5 has the power to bring together 1,000's of people to help each other, and more importantly you, to become more successful online.

1) You can build a contact list of people in the community.
2) Send messages to each other online without receiving 1,000's of emails in your inbox.
3) Review, promote or comment on websites, affiliate programmes and money making opportunities in our library.

So yesterday after signing up, i surfed a bit ( like 15 mins...) and rated other sites as well to gain some credits to advertise my sites. There's a lot of interesting blogs out there, by the way. I checked back just now and was surprised i got contact list invitations from 154 people overnight! i thought that was awesome! some of them wrote me a short friendly note. So imagine, if you build 1,000 contacts then there's a possibility of getting that much traffic in a day, doesn't it? And we all know how important traffic is! So why not give it a try,you might be surprised of the enormous possibilities that will come your way.

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