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Is your PC protected?

I went out yesterday morning, leaving my cousin surfing in our computer. When i got home around 7PM, i was pissed off that our PC was quiet lagging and would suddenly freeze when i opened multiple tabs (5 tabs i think..) and the cursor moves on its own. So i run my Bitdefender v.10 antivirus (which i always update by the way) and i was shocked to find 1644 files got virus!.. mostly were trojan.vb.nmd. ..gosh! i explored and saw that all folders were now duplicated. i lost my administrative authority in the computer, i can't access the system folders etc.. like the control panel was suddenly gone.Bitdefender scan report showed that those virus and worms were deleted,but everytime i restart the computer they seems to come back. I tried using Trojan Remover software and Kaspersky as well but to no avail. I was planning to reformat my hard drive when my thought of installing another anti-virus software just incase it might work. I uninstalled my Bitdefender, downloaded and run Avira Antivir Personal Edition Classic which made frantic alarm everytime it detects a threat - which found more threats/ malwares than my previous antivirus (2422 files infected with virus/malwares got deleted to be exact!) after the scan was completed. That was horrible eh, i don't have any idea where that came from since i scan my computer regularly and this never happened before.

I thought this PC will be doomed but thanks Avira saves it. It not only detected but also cleaned up those nasty trojans which even Kaspersky can't handle. What a relief! I think my PC will be fully protected with Avira. i am happy and i think this PC is definitely happy too because now it is working like a new one!

P.S. i was mean to my cousin today, i did not let him used the PC. I (or my mom) can't afford to buy a new PC yet (if ever it will be screwed up) because our priority now is to finish the construction of our new house. We are just currently renting this little duplex house for 12 years already but the real owner will be back and we have to move out this March...
We are building a two-story house, the second floor is not yet completed.. and money is running low.


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