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Are you an anime or asian drama series fanatic? Did you miss lots of breathtaking episodes of your fave asian shows on tv ? I used to watch my favorite anime clips at YouTube but now i am so happy to find Crunchyroll.

I watch the Korean romantic
drama series Which Star Are You From first at crunchyroll before it hit our local channel this May 28.

At crunchyroll, you can watch video clips of your favorite music, anime, drama, game shows in full episodes. Yes, in full episodes unlike in YouTube. Plus, it got higher video quality and faster streaming to boot. The owner of the site is shinji, a sophomore college student who made the site just to make it easier for him and his friends to share their video collections. He never actually thought his site would eventually have thousands of members. Crunchyroll may not have all the videos but for sure it has a lot. You have to sign up to view, don't worry its absolutely FREE.


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