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Hi friends! I can't believe i slept like a log, i practically just woke up and its almost noon time. Today, May 14 is a very special and somewhat critical day in our country because it is our election day.
Also today marks the most awaited date for my favorite social networking site mass buzz. 1 week ago monawea of my favorite blog directory Blogcatalog have called out to members to post a what she calls a BlogCatalog Community Mass Buzz on May 14th to primarily promote Blogcatalog.

Why BlogCatalog?
Among the social networking sites i joined I feel at home instantly with Blogcatalog.  
There are a lot of  people on this site who are very friendly and helpful - especially to newbie blogggers like me. I actually get most of my traffic from this site- which is awesome!
After i found out about this site, i practically leave Mybloglog which was the first blog directory i joined.

BlogCatalog design is very neat and easy to understand. You can find blogs easily because the directory is categorized by topic, language and country. On the home page you can easily note which blog is recently added or on top of the neighborhood.
User  profile are interactive too, as other users can leave you messages in a shoutbox and rate your blog. You can also add friends and neighboorhood which is great because that practically create a link to other users friends as well, which spelled potential traffic to your site. It also has widget  which you can put to decorate your blog
 - you can check which among the Blogcatalog users viewed your site and how long ago.
There is a recently added feature in the site - the discussion forum which makes the site more interactive. The forum is fun to read and very informative.
At this time check out Derrick Markotter over Online Business Blog for the list of those who participated on the mass buzz so far.

If you have not yet discover the wonderful world of BlogCatalog- what are you waiting for? Join us now, check out my profile page and don't forget to join my neighborhood. 
See you there, and experience what i am talking about =)


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