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Happy Hour pt. 1 - Agutayan Island

hi friends! i'm glad to be back home. I was not able to post these past few days since i went out of town as a celebration of my 26th birthday. Take a glimpse of this wonderful small white island just 30minutes boat ride across my uncle's beach house. Feel the summer heat and the cool and refreshing feel of crystal clear waters.Do you know it doesn't cost a thing to enjoy this island? It's FREE for everyone! Fortunately, on this day, we had the island all to ourselves =) If you travel to the Philippines, i will take you here. The scenery is breathtaking! Plus there are hundreds giant clams for you to look at at the sanctuary area. =)

welcome to our beach house!

here we come!!!! ( boat number 1 is first to arrive at the island)

Oppss.. gotta hide in the umbrella i forgot to put sunblock..

mermaids and mermen

hey! whose brief is this???..... woopss! its mine ü

huhuhuh... the water is salty

spot the rose among the thorns

ready.. get set


the hunks in the crystal clear water

the beautifuls

the official loveteam?

the miss universe wannabe

and the day is done...
... more pictures to come.

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  1. confessing7girl said...
    hey happy birthday!! i see u had a lot of fun!! damn i wish i was at the beach right now!!:D anyway wonder island

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