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Why Blog My Blog - I Got Tagged

With all the "train", mass buzz, and link exchanges going around most bloggers  who participated have surely gained increase in traffic. Here is another sort of a link train to get involved with. I was tagged by Tay over SuperBlogging who was tagged by The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under.

Here's the drill....
1. The person who was tagged will just have to make an introduction and link back to who tagged you.
2. List your five reasons as to why you blog.
3. Choose five people and tag them.
4. Drop a comment on their blog to let them know they were tagged. And its done!

I Blog because i .....

>>>>am looking for extra cash - As the title of this blog is self explanatory, 
I made this blog primarily to make money through adsense after i read sites that tells they have made money using adsense on their site. A few hundred dollars are very tempting and nice to have, doesn't it. Hmmm.. I never actually dreamed of becoming a rich kid through this though. I just wanted to have extra dough to buy a laptop and help my sister go through her nursing studies.

>>>>>am looking referrals for my GPT sites - I was new to get-paid-to sites when i started this blog last March,back then i had only Mylot as my primary online money making site and i got no referrals. With this blog, there is a place for me to promote GPT sites which I am a member. Now, my blog has helped me and actually served its purpose- I got referrals to many of my GPT sites and i am happy about it. Although, I do not know who they are, i am thankful, in a way they have helped a lot in my earnings. =)

>>>>Want to connect with other people too.- There are a lot of wonderful people on the blogosphere and its nice to make friends with them. I agree with Tay that blogging is not a solo act, you have to go and link with others to get notice eventually. Establishing a relationship is important, like they say.. the more , the merrier. What would make a blog with no reader or if no ones knows it exist?

>>>>Want to have a page of my own - Its a good thing there are free blog host like blogger since i do not know anything about making websites. On this page, i can write my thoughts, practically anything i want irregardless of what people might say.

>>>>Want to be famous - hahahhaha! It' s free to dream. Someday, who knows, you might want my signature.(Laugh Out Loud!)

Now, let me tag this wonderful blogs  AnitoKidGo Smell the Flowers7Confessions
New2Blog- Blogging for Beginners, and Journey before Death.


  1. confessing7girl said...
    already respond to ur tag!! thanx for remembering me!!!!!:D
    THE ANiTOKiD said...
    Much thanks for the link! Just linked you back! Take care my friend!
    GO! Smell the flowers said...
    Hi from Dubai...

    Will link back to you - keep up the gr8 work!
    Tay said...
    Thanks for keeping this project going! :)
    Ernest Chee said...
    Finally got it done ! Sorry for the long wait.
    GO! Smell the flowers said...
    You've been tagged!!Keep up the great work and consider us linked!

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