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Have You Try TRIOND?

Do you think you have already joined enough companies that would pay you to blog (Pay Per Post, Smorty and the likes? When can we really say enough is enough when it comes to the many ways we could do just to monetize our post? We all love to earn money don't we... ?!

TRIOND is a globally free to join company which will publish ANY type of content in ANY language to the(ir) network which they deem your content to be appropriate and monetize it to its fullest potential. This Web-based publishing company has been around since 2006 and have paid hundreds of happy bloggers.

How to increase earnings?
Triond itself will promote your content, but since the amount you earn will depend on the number of views your articles generate and the average value of a page view for that page, your efforts too can make a difference.
Promote links to your published content, lots of traffic will help you earn more since income is proportional to the popularity of your content. In short, more page viewers equals more money. (and there is no referral system by the way)

When will I be paid?
Payments are sent every 15th of the month through PayPal, the minimum payment is $0.50; if by check, the minimum payment is $50.00; if by Western Union, the minimum payment is $50.00. If, on any month, your revenues do not reach this minimum, the amount owed to you will be rolled over and added to the next month's payment.

Content Restrictions
In order to publish it with Triond, you must make sure that your content complies with the following simple rules:

  • Your content must be your own original work.
  • Your content must not contain material that has been previously published on the Internet or in any other public media.
  • Your content must not contain libelous or illegal material and must not infringe on any third party's copyrights.
  • If you include content owned by someone else, you must obtain the owner’s consent to your use of his/her copyright material prior to submission.
  • Your content must not contain any derogatory, offensive, unlawful, harmful, threatening, vulgar, profane, abusive, harassing, obscene, pornographic, defamatory or tortuous material.
Do you have what it takes? To learn more about the company read here.

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  1. 2cents said...
    Back again and checking what's new here. TC
    Navin said...
    Hey dat piece of info i quite informayive... u ve got a cool blog..... can u link me ...ll linkbac.... do lemme know afta u add me...have a nice day....
    Mandy said...
    Sounds good, i joined up just recently and submitted my first article, will see how it goes!
    But really, it pays quite low compared to such programs as adsense, but hey, money for a few monutes typing sounds good! I should invest in a bean bag, quit my job, get myself some coffee and start enjoying this!

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